Data protection Privacy Statement 1. The manager of data BIOMED Ltd. (seat: 1145 Budapest, Szugló 59 u / b.)… Data processing registration number: Naihan-80385/2014. 2. Sign browsing During the visit to the service provider records the IP address of the user visiting a web site, time and viewed page addresses and the user’s browser type and operating system of the visit – for technical reasons, and the production of statistics. This data logging system performs continuous, but is not linked to one another, specified during registration or during the use of data. Personal information (IP address, time of visit, pages viewed), the system stores (closing the browser terminates the session) 1 hour after the termination of the session through. In case Guestbook entries or articles, blog posts comments on the system in addition to the post text records the IP address of the visitor and the entries / posts deleted store.

In order to service the bespoke service to the user’s computer a small data packet, so-called. cookie on it. The recording cookie (cookies) suitable for visiting habits. The cookie on your own computer user can delete or set your browser to disable the use of cookies. A cookie is stored only in technical data. (such as the currently active menu item) Manage logged by the data controller is used only for statistical purposes. The html code of the service provider includes server from independent, external server and external links. Such an external server helps the website traffic analytics and other independent auditing of data: Google Analytics. These data management, data controllers can provide information. Their contact: 3. Information about the legal basis of data management Our treatment of data is based on your contributions if you participate in any promotion game our personal information by entering an order our products, or subscribe to our newsletter. 4. The objective of data management The objective of managing the data that you provide on the basis of the consent of our managed data can inform newsletter commercial promotions, novelties and promotional games mailing address and, if we reach you if you are among the lucky winners. 5. When buying data provided Do not sell to third parties for the purchase by the user is given out personal information, except for the home delivery inviduals, to whom he supplies the transmission of data confidentiality. 6. When the information given Subscribe to our newsletter When a user signs up for a newsletter will be stored as specified by the user’s name and e-mail, with the aim to send out a newsletter to her. The stored data can not be passed on to third parties. 7. Duration of data management The BIOMED LTD. Assumes no responsibility for the already deleted, but the contribution of Internet search engines still archived, previous webpage. The elimination of them should be provided by the operator of the search page.

The user’s personal data are preserved so long until you request that it be deleted from the system. 8. The authorization to access to data, data processors The BIOMED LTD. Designated al-defined access to users’ personal data. Personal information to third parties except for those indicated by the controller does not pass. This does not apply to any statutory, mandatory disclosures, which only extreme cases may be fixed by law. The data controller before completion of certain regulatory data requests in respect of each data determines whether there is actually any legal basis for the transmission of data. 9 users’ rights relating to personal data handling, data deletion The legal basis of data management is the voluntary approval of the users. If you participate in our promotional game, while contributing to the data stored on the draw. Treat personal information when users request information. The data manager gives information on request to the people concerned on the data handled by him, the purpose of data management, grounds and duration of the data processing name, address (BIOMED LTD premises. 3043 Egyházasdengeleg, Sport út 39.) and activities related to data management, as well as on who and for what purpose the data were received. The information about the controller at the postal address (3043 Egyházasdengeleg, Sport út 39.) request.

On the same contact can initiate correction and deletion of the user’s personal data. In case of improper use of the website services, as well as the user’s own request to delete the belonging data. The deletion will take place within two working days of receipt of the demand for deletion. The user may object to the processing of personal data if a) the processing of personal data (transmission) only required the controller or the data recipient a right or legitimate interest pursued unless the data processing ordered by law; b) the use of personal data or transmission of direct marketing, public opinion research or scientific research; c) exercise of the right of protest otherwise permitted by law. 10. Enforcement options The user, who feels that the website owner violated his right to protection of personal data, can validate his claim before civil court, or request the assistance of the Privacy Commissioner. The detailed legal regulations related to this and to the obligations of data manager CXII of 2011 on the right of informational self-determination and freedom of information. It included in the law. The data protection principles we used when designing the above law. 11. Information on dangers threatening privacy The general use of Internet involves different dangers threatening privacy. Please note that any opinions expressed by website pictures published material, etc. personal data, from which your special data, or purchasing habits, affiliation, political opinion can be inferred. In some cases, data can be accessed by everyone. We recommend you to protect your personal data using PET technologies (Privacy Enhancing Technology). Many websites find relevant information. 12. Important web addresses National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information